Tech Help

BHS Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips

*it is good practice to fully shutdown

or restart your computer once a week

(not just closing the lid, but a full shutdown/restart will keep your Chromebook from running too many programs/applications in the background which can slow it up over time)

1. Power Issues: If your device is not charging properly, try these strategies.

  a. Check to make sure the metal tip is completely inserted into the

charging port (a light will come on indicating device is charging)

  b. Check charger- Make sure the cable that connects to the charging

block is securely attached.

  c. Try a different wall power outlet/power strip

2. Charger Replacement:

  a. a replacement can be purchased on any website that sells technology

supplies (ex. Walmart, Amazon or Best Buy) 

-Lenovo 300e & 500e are the newer "touchscreen models" of Chromebook in use--both require a minimum power (45 Watt); USB-C Type charger
b. If you purchased SMARTTECH insurance on your device and still have a non-working charger, call SMARTTECH and ask for a replacement. Hold onto the non-working charger so you can send it back.

Frozen Screen or Keyboard: Push down the power button on the side of

the device until the light goes off. Wait 30 seconds. Press the power

button again to power up the device. This should reactivate the screen

and keyboard.

4. Software/Website Issues: 

 a. Reset Browser Settings

  (this often corrects Zoom and Edpuzzle Issues)

  1. Go to the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser.

  2. Click "settings"

3. Click "advanced" and there will be a drop down of more options

  4. Click "reset settings"

  5. Click "restore settings to their original defaults"

  6. Click the blue button "reset settings"


b. Checking for updates in Chrome

  1. Right Click the clock in the lower right corner

2. Click on the gear icon (which will open settings)

3. Click “About Chrome OS” on the lower left of the screen

  4. Click “Check for Updates” 

  5. If your Chromebook is not up to date, it will download the available

update and then prompt you to restart (you will need to restart for

the download to complete). 


5. Device not Enrolled: If an Enterprise enrollment message displays when

trying to log in with your HCDE account, complete the following

steps at the enrollment screen. 

  1. Enter username: [email protected]

  2. Enter password: enroll#3074

  3. Click Skip registration of device if asked

  4. Enter your HCDE Google account

info when log-in window appears

  • Please fill out the Brainerd HS Student Chromebook Help Ticket

For students needing a password reset:

For information about lost or damaged chargers and/or lost or stolen devices, please follow this link to the HCS website for more information.

Other Important Links and Documents--Students and Parents should read each of these.

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