Alumni Association

In Spring 2005, Ms. Beebe Bryant invited several alumni to meet with her and members of the Student Council to discuss ways BHS Alumni could assist them with the Mr. & Miss BHS program.

Core Alumni members decided that there was a need to form a BHS Alumni Association and involve all BHS Alumni from 1963 – present to join and support the faculty and students at BHS by working with the Student Council and its faculty advisor.

First official meeting on September 10, 2005; approved Association By-laws at January 28, 2006 meeting.  The following alumni were elected as the first officers:

  • Chris Ramsey (Class of ’84), President
  • Jeffery Wilson (Class of ’83), Vice-President
  • Lisa Jones, (Class of ’80), Secretary
  • Tamera Hicks (Class of ’79), Treasurer

The purpose of the Brainerd Alumni Association is to promote charitable, educational, and scholarship projects for students and to encourage Brainerd Alumni to support the goals and mission of Brainerd High School Faculty and its students.  More specifically the Alumni Association works directly with the Student Council, its faculty sponsor and the Principal of Brainerd High School to provide volunteer and financial support for various activities.  Below are some of the accomplishment and investments by BHSAA since 2007:

  • Spearheaded the petition drive to have gym re-named in honor of Coach High and Coach Jackson (2007)
  • Installed a permanent sign on campus to recognize Olympic Gold Medalist Basketball Player – Venus Lacy
  • In 2007, started the Annual BHSAA Alumni Weekend (dance and family cookout) to raise funds for the Scholarship Fund and Membership Drive for the BHSAA
  • Since 2008, BHSAA Scholarships (50 awards)
  • BHSAA-WAAY Scholarships (3 awards)                     
  • AFA Grant (2015)                                                     
  • Purchase of digital sign (2015)                      
  • Reading Lab & Awards (2015)                         
  • In-kind donation of 20 computers (2012)                 
  • Feeder School Investment (2015)                            
  • Feeder School Investment (2016)                                    
  • Feeder School Investment (2017)                            
  • Academic Celebration (2016)                                    
  • Academic Celebration (2017)                                                       
  • Audio Visual Equipment for Media Center (2016)   
  • Audio Visual Equipment for Auditorium (2016)        
  • Girls Transition Program (2016)                               
  • Evening School Transportation Grant (2016)            
  • BHS Parent Support Donation (2017)                       
  • Support of Homecoming Activities                           
  • Support of Mr. & Miss BHS                                        
  • Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfasts                            
  • 2-Way Radios (2016)                                                        
  • BHS Band Grant (2016)                                              
  • Adopt a Classroom (2015)                                             
  • Charter Bus – State Tourney (2017)                                 
  • Welcome Reception – Mr. James (2017)                


We encourage all BHS Alumni from 1963 – present to join the BHSAA and get involved with BHS.  Contact the school if you are interested in volunteer opportunities.  

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