Haug, Pascale

Pascale Haug 
Email: haug_pascale@hcde.org
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Colleges: Chattanooga State & UT Chattanooga
Years in Education: 2
Currently Teaching: Algebra II & PreCalculus
Why do I teach? Teaching is the biggest privilege. There is no greater privilege than being able to influence the lives of the next generation. When I reflect on my journey through adolescence, I realize how influential my teachers were in my growth. They molded and shaped me, and some of them even saved my life without knowing it. I became a teacher because I want to pass that legacy along. I love working at Brainerd. The kids here are truly amazing. They amaze me. They make me laugh. They teach me new, "hip" lingo. They support me. Sometimes they make me roll my eyes, but most days they bring me joy. 
What brings me joy? I think that the things that bring joy can be captured in one or two words. For me, those things are: the Lord, the outdoors, my students, art, philosophy, math, and helping others. Support my Classroom: I would love for you to support my classroom. Here are some items that I use frequently and would happily accept donations of: Ms. Haug's Amazon Classroom Wishlist.
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