Glasco, Rachel

Rachel Glasco 
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Colleges: Talladega College, Alabama A&M University, Lincoln Memorial University & University of Salzburg
Years in Education: 12
Currently Teaching: General Music & Choir
Why do I teach? I enjoy teaching students who have an interest to learn more about music. Teaching in education has been very rewarding to me when my students have participated in competitions. Some have won and some have not, but the fact that they even took the leap to perform in front of others means a lot. It has also been rewarding to see students succeed and knowing that I have had a hand in that brings happiness to my heart. 
What brings me joy? Seeing students become successful after high school means so much to me. I also enjoy teaching piano and choir and watching people bloom from beginner to advanced. The success of people I come across in my life brings me joy.
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