Fuller, Jared

Jared Fuller 
Email: fuller_jared@hcde.org
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Colleges: UT Knoxville & Lee University
Years in Education: 1
Currently Teaching: Algebra I
Why do I teach? I always loved education and school, but I wanted to follow in my family's footsteps in the Nuclear field. However, I always wanted to teach. After much thought, prayer, and meditation, I realized my calling was not in the Nuclear field. Therefore, I decided to pursue a career in education, so I could give students the same experience I had with education. I will continue to teach and support our students by any means--that is why I teach.
What brings me joy? I find joy in living life to the fullest and following where I am called to go. Brainerd has blessed me in many ways from the relationships built with my coworkers and students to the growth and success our students have achieved. I look forward to every day I am given to serve, and every moment I can spend learning from my students.
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