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Dale Dworak

Virtual Learning Resources

Google Classroom:
I will post all class assignments on Google Classroom. Newer assignments show up at the top, so you may need to scroll down to find what you’re looking for. Press the Ctrl and f buttons at the same time to open a search bar to help you find what you need! If you need to join, here are the class codes: Economics 1A  hlgeuof
Economics 1B dhylbda
Economics 2A x4mqgvz Economics 5A   emn5vo6 Economics 5B exjlbrb AP Government 2B s2gkk4b
Google Hangouts:
 General chat for my subjects. Use these as a place to discuss work or assignments with me or each other. I will be available most of the time on there, but if not maybe someone else can help you?

Economics Classes (click here)
AP Government Classes (click here)
Senior Project Classes (click here)

Google Voice:
 Send me a text! Call if you're absolutely lost. Depending on what is going on, I may not be able to answer the phone at the time you call, so texting is a better bet. Don't forget Google Hangouts! Number: 423.708.2077
Mr. Dworak's Hours of Availability: Below are my hours of availability with approximate response times. 8:15AM-3:15PM Monday-Friday <15 minutes (most likely) 3:15PM-8:15PM Monday-Friday <1 hour (but, no promises) 8:15PM-8:15AM Monday-Friday I may not be available and will likely not respond until the next day. Zoom Study Hall: Every Monday - Friday (unless otherwise noted), I will open up a Zoom video conference where you can ask questions and get help on work, talk to each other about the assignments, etc. I will normally start the conference around 10:00 and go until around noon. These times are very flexible, though. If you would like to set up a time before or after these times, let me know and I'll be happy to work something out. Check on Google Classroom for the join info.


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