Budd, William

William Penn Budd IV
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: Antioch, Illinois
Colleges: University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Tennessee Tech
Before Teaching: Professional Well Site Geologist in North Dakota & Environmental Scientist Consultant in Chicago
Years in Education: 6
Currently Teaching: Design Thinking, STEM, VW eLab Specialist
Why do I teach? I enjoy guiding people on new experiences, whether it be a math problem, a science project, a new sport, or a hike through the woods. Everyone will face challenges throughout life and their educational journey. I find excitement and passion in pushing students, humans, and colleagues to their full potential. That is why I teach.
What brings me joy? Sooooo many things! I feel so blessed to have family, friends and health in my life. Being a father to my little daughter Oriana (20 months) is so joyful (and exhausting). Being a husband to my rockstar teacher wife Briana is a blast. We spend lots of time outside rock climbing, hiking, biking, and just enjoying a nice sunny day. If you're looking for advice or outdoor activities in Chattanooga, I am your guy! Remember, going outdoors costs FREE dollars $ :) $.
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